OBOD Southern Hemisphere Assemblies

The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids

17th OBOD Southern Hemisphere Assembly

Friday 10th August - Tuesday 14th August 2018


The Golden Wattle Seed Group would like to welcome the Southern Hemisphere O.B.O.D Community to the 17th Annual Assembly, being held at the Glenhaven Park Campsite, located on 16 acres of land situated in a  peaceful, picturesque valley at Stockport SA, 20 minutes north of Gawler.


Hosted By - Golden Wattle Seed Group

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Essential Requirements


Important Note: You must be a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids (OBOD) to attend the Assembly, or be a partner of an attending member,  be sympathetic to the OBOD principles and over 18 (or accompanied by a parent/guardian). Visit http://druidry.org/ for more information on OBOD.

The Venue

South Australia

Glenhaven Park Campsite  

Glenhaven Park Camp Site is a residential and school camp site located in a peaceful, picturesque valley at Stockport SA, 20 minutes north of Gawler. Perfect for school camps and group bookings.

Some of Glenhaven's activities are  High & Low ropes courses, Giant Swing, Initiative activities, archery, orienteering, bush skills, swimming and hiking. Although we probably won't have time to take advantage of these!

The surrounding area is the traditional land of the Ngadjuri people. The Ngadjuri territory stretches up through Freeling, Kapunda, Tarlee, Riverton, and Clare,  all the way up towards Quorn, then inland in an easterly direction towards Bimbowrie, back down south through Ketchowla, Burra, Eudunda and Truro (http://aboriginalastronomy.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/ngadjuri-astronomy-south-australia.html).

Accommodation for up 86 people in 6 cabins which are fully air-conditioned with a toilet & bathroom and separated leader’s quarters.

Their fully equipped kitchen provides highly nutritious quality meals; fresh fruit and drinks are available at all times and are included in the standard catered charges. Special diets can be catered for with prior notice, e.g. vegetarian, diabetic etc. Our dining area has facilities for seating 100 people in air-conditioned comfort.

Fenced parklands with an oval, a 12 metre swimming pool, enclosed recreation shed and a large area of natural bush setting completes the picture.




How To Get There

If you are driving, please note that Glenhaven Park is 70 minutes from the Adelaide CBD via National Highway M20 and Horrocks Hwy/Main N Rd/A32. Google maps directions here


For those who are traveling by plane, there is a shuttle bus from the airport to the city. Bookings are not needed. On arrival make your way to the Information and Tourism Bookings Booth located on the ground floor of the terminal. The staff will help you with your shuttle booking and let you know the time of the next shuttle (approx every half hour). Follow the link for more details and the phone number.

You can choose to take the train from the Adelaide Rail Terminal to the Gawler Interchange, where someone can collect you. This link will take you to the train timetable - city to Gawler times are found on page 5 of the timetable. A metro (fare for the train or bus) is $5.40 ($2.70 conc) before 9am and after 3pm, and $3.50 ($1.40 conc) between 9.01am and 3pm.

We have an approximated cost for Des' Minibus who could do one or two pickups from the airport and take groups directly to the Assembly venue.

The approx cost of a 21 seat minibus and large trailer for a group of 10 people, with luggage and musical instruments etc., from the airport to Glenhaven Park Campsite is: $310.00 one way. Any group using this service will be responsible for sharing the cost. (For 10 people this works out at approx $31.00 each).

Bookings are required for this service, pick up and return. Payment is required in full at the time of booking via credit card (Visa/Mastercard/Amex). Please contact 08 8440 1600 if you wish to make a booking as a group (subject to availability).

If you wish to hire a car from the airport, this address will take you to a site with a large number of options:  Adelaide Airport Rental Cars


There are  6 cabins which are fully air-conditioned with a toilet & bathroom and separated leader’s quarters. Follow this link to see the map of Glenhaven park. Cabin 6 is fitted with wheelchair access and disability modifications to the bathroom and toilet facilities - this cabin has been reserved for Baden and his group at the present time.

Glenhaven does not supply bedding for guests, so you will need to bring your own sleeping bags, blankets sheets and pillows. We are looking to source bedding, and will keep you all updated regarding this issue.

For those wishing to camp out in tents, the cost will be the same as for those staying in cabins as per site invoicing.

There are two other options available for those who are not able to stay onsite... One  offers catering, and the other does not.

When booking please make sure you scroll across to see all options available. Please be aware that if you choose the options for Cabin, Camping or Day Guest (staying offsite) - catered, your catering will automatically be done. If you choose the offsite non-catered option, you will not be catered for. You can choose a combination of the accommodation types if you wish, which will give you a bit of flexibility.


Glenhaven Park Campsite has indoor accommodation in 7 fully airconditioned cabins with in cabin bathroom facilities. There is space for tents.
Glenhaven Park Campsite is the home of a mixed array of fauna and flora.

A fully-equipped commercial kitchen with large gas stove, microwave, toasters and large fridges. A fridge/freezer and tea and coffee station are available all day.

just a cute picture of one of the locals!! 🙂


We have had to include an extra fee of $20.00 for incidentals, which has been added to the bottom of the accommodation bookings. This fee is separate from accommodation, and will assist us with paying for everything from toilet paper and cleaning products, to liquor licensing. Any monies left after taking out venue costing and incidentals will be calculated and hopefully we will be able to support someone to attend this year's Southern Hemisphere OBOD Assembly.


Total costs are as follows:

Catered Cabins = $332.00

Due to being charged for catering for each person staying onsite, and also due to the kitchen facilities of the site being off limits, we are not able to offer a self-catered option. We thank you for your understanding in this matter. 

Anyone wishing to apply for a scholarship, please contact Cherry via email: nimueart@bigpond.com



The Assembly will be catered by the wonderful team at Glenhaven Park Campsite. Special diets can be catered for with prior notice, e.g. food intolerance/allergy, vegetarian, diabetic , coeliac etc.

We do need a minimum of 25 people for the catering. Please assist us by choosing the catered option if you are able. /|\

Please choose the Breakfast & Lunch and Dinner & Dessert if you will be staying onsite for all meals. If you decide to stay offsite for one of these nights, please choose accordingly.
Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea and Supper are subject to meal selection. For example if you choose Breakfast and Lunch, morning and afternoon tea are also supplied at no charge, likewise with Dinner & Dessert, supper is supplied at no charge, and a tea and coffee station is available all day.

Unfortunately no Self-Catering is available
Unfortunately there is a clause in the guidelines that says the kitchen is an out of bounds area (see under the heading of Property on page 2 of the guidelines)... We are also being invoiced for meals for each person who will be staying onsite, but have been assured that if you have any special food requirements the staff are only too happy to accommodate them.

A fridge/freezer is available for those who have cold food items they wish to store, and a microwave is available for small things.


Early Arrival

Unfortunately we are not able to offer accommodation for early arrivals, however you might like to take advantage of the extra time to catch up with people, visit some of the local sites and stay in some of the gorgeous accommodation to be found around the Adelaide region.


~~NB: this is a work in progress... still getting the order of things settled ~~

Workshop/Lecture List 

 ‘Awen and the power to change hearts and minds through creative musical expression’ with Adrienne Piggot (Spiral Dance) and Kacey Stephensen (Bard)

In this explorative and experiential workshop Adrienne K Piggott from Spiral Dance and Bard Kacey Guy Stephensen, will guide you through theory and discussion on the creative flow of song writing.  By singing the Awen together we will compose a song as a group.  A great workshop for those looking for inspiration on their bardic path.


Wisdom of the Trees with Julie Brett

Tree energies are an important part of modern Druid practice, and their meanings and practical uses are important in understanding the magic of any land. In this workshop Julie will guide the group in a discussion of the traditional ogham trees and lead us on an oracle walk looking at native plants. This will encourage self-confidence to learn about your local trees and begin or continue the practice of collecting a set of ogham sticks for divination.


Alexandra Tanet (author of ‘Living Witchery’)

Alexandra will be discussing the similarities and differences between Druidry and Witchcraft as she has experienced them through her practice as a Wiccan and Druid.


Plants and the Planets with Katherine Moss

Katherine’s passion for plants/herbs will combine with her knowledge about the planets where she brings a talk on the seven traditional rulers of plants/herbs and their rulership hours.


Fencing with Inspiration with Samantha Travis

Sam will bring to light how the art of fencing fits into her Bardic practice.


Working with Sacred Sound with Lesley Gentilin (Raf)

This will be a wonderful experience as Lesley helps us to deepen our practice through working with Sacred Sound in a toning circle.


Deep Listening – with Amanda Meadows

Developing the art of listening to the stories of the land and her custodians.


Story-telling and the Great Awen with Michael

As we are seated around a glimmering fire, Michael will talk to us about opening up to Awen and Story-telling. This workshop will inspire, and lead into some wonderfully spontaneous offerings for the Bardic Circle that follows it.


Herbal Medicine and the Four Elements with Kate Broderick

European herbal medicine has been practiced according to the four elements for more than 2000 years. Discussion and herb tasting will highlight how the four elements are represented in the energies of plant medicines, and through this experience we will learn how we can use commonly available plants to bring our body-mind-spirit into balance with nature and the elements.


 Nourishing the Body as a Practice for Healing the Earth with Kate Broderick and Unanyntji

This workshop will look at nourishing the body in different ways as a practice for healing the Earth. We know that our care for the Earth ultimately supports our human health. Let's look together at the mirror perspective and learn how caring for the body ultimately supports the health of the Earth.

Hugs all round time
Afternoon tea and chat time
Settling into the cabins
5pm we will gather for introductions
6-7pm will be dinner in the Dining Hall
7.30pm  The Golden Wattle Seed Group will welcome everyone to the Assembly.
Approx 9.30pm we will have some time for socialising, perhaps have a bit of a Bardic Circle around the fire.

Saturday might be a bit hectic!
In the morning our gorgeous Unanyntji will lead early risers in a connecting to the self with some divine dancing.
We will have some brekkie, and then have a talking stick discussion about the weekend, the venue and a blessing for the day. We will do a practice run-through of the casting circle with Awen, and have a meditation to connect us to the land, to one another and to our ancestors of place and spirit. The opening Ritual will then commence.
Morning tea will be gladly consumed!

We will be having some workshop lecture things happening - these will be announced closer to the assembly.
Bardic Initiation Ceremonies
For those not taking part in the Bardic Initiations you have the perfect opportunity to meditate, explore the beautiful space or do some journal writing.

We will be making clooties to be put to use during our Imbolc Ritual, which will be placed on the Altar to Bridgid until we are ready to use them.

Imbolc Ritual discussion will happen straight after tea
There will be an Eisteddfod, which will see us sharing stories, poems, songs and plays.

Wake up call will happen 5.45am
Imbolc ritual will take place at 6.30am

Breakfast at 8.30 (approx)
More workshops and lectures will be held throughout the day.

Ovate initiation ceremonies will take place after lunch.

Bardic Circle after that.

Talking stick
Men and Women circle/gatherings in the morning.
Lectures and workshops
Druid Initiation Ceremonies.
More workshops
Market place
Bardic/sharing circle

Sharing circle
Farewelling ceremony
Morning tea
Final workshop
Packing up
Cleaning up

What To Bring

It tends to be quite cold around August in Adelaide and surrounds, so you will need to pack warmly...

The usual things

Ritual wear (if you have OBOD robes in grade colours please bring those)
Insect Repellent
Toiletries (shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothpaste/toothbrush, towel, razors, feminine hygiene products etc)
Clothing (think warm clothes and sleepwear - jeans, long sleeves, jumpers, overcoats, gloves, scarves, beanies)
Water resistant shoes or boots  (you may need a spare pair)
Don't forget socks (possibly lots of socks!...It might get a bit boggy and wet!)
Bedding (Sleeping bags, blankets and pillows)
Writing implements (blank book, journal, pens, pencils etc)
Musical instruments and music
Tarot/Oracle Cards, Runes, Ogham etc.
Nibbles and BYO alcohol, any specialist teas, coffees or milk (Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Goats Milk) you may drink
Phone/Mobile Devices and Charging docks
An umbrella (just in case)

Tent, mattress and ground protector if you are camping

Just a bit of a list.



Deposit of $50 required by 21st April 2018. Remainder of cost to be finalized by 13th July 2018.

Early payments are gladly accepted as these will assist with paying deposits etc.

Payments can be made via cheque, direct deposit or PayPal.

Cheques made out to Tracy Breed can be sent to: Golden Wattle Seed Group, C/O 61 Doctors Road, Morphett Vale, 5162 SA...

Direct deposits can be made to our NAB Account - Details are:
Account Name: Tracy Breed
BSB: 085-183
Account Number: 48-114-7256
Please include your name and in the description OBOD (deposit) or (full payment) etc.

If paying by PayPal, please use the email address: golden.wattle.seed.group@gmail.com - Again include your name and the description. I have also set up a PayPal.me link, which is paypal.me/GoldenWattle to hopefully  make payments a little easier.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Scholarship Fund can make direct deposits to the following ANZ account:

Account Name: C Carroll
BSB Number:  014-630
Account Number: 1935-48688

Please write Scholarship as the description.


Thank you 🙂

The Fine Print

It is a condition of attendance that no  illegal substances are consumed on the premises. The Golden Wattle Seed Group will not accept any responsibility for any individuals who are found to be in possession of these substances.



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