OBOD Southern Hemisphere Assemblies

The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids

16th OBOD Southern Hemisphere Assembly

Friday 11th August - Tuesday 15th August 2017

The grip of Winter may still have its hold but the first signs of Spring will be starting to shine through. As the lambing begins and the days slowly grow longer, all members of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids are invited to come together and celebrate Imbolc at the 16th OBOD Southern Hemisphere Assembly.


Hosted By - The Song of the Eastern Sea Seed Group

Essential Requirements

Important Note: You must be a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids (OBOD) to attend the Assembly, or be a partner of an attending member and be sympathetic to the OBOD principals. Visit http://druidry.org/ for more information on OBOD. Select the Join link at the top if you wish to sign up.

You can save money by sharing resources with an existing member so if you have a friend who is a member, ask them about this option.

The Venue

Baden-Powell Scout Centre - Pennant Hills, Sydney, NSW

The Baden-Powell Scout Centre is situated on 36 hectares of bush land adjoining the Lane Cove National Park. It is unique, offering flexible training facilities, cabin style accommodation in a bush-land setting all only 25 kms from the CBD of Sydney.

Once you arrive at the Centre you feel a million miles from the hustle and bustle of city life, yet you are only relatively short distances from the major sporting facilities at Homebush Bay, the airport terminal at Mascot, the Sydney CBD and the Blue Mountains - most of which is accessible via fast motorways or freeways, significantly reducing travel time.

Public Transport access is a ten minute walk to either Thornleigh or Pennant Hills Rail Stations. Off street parking is provided for both cars and buses.

The Parade GroundBeautiful Stone WorkStone ChapelAmphitheatreStone HutBeautiful BushBeautiful BushThe Parade Ground

How To Get There

The Baden-Powell Scout Centre at Pennant Hills is situated on 30 hectares of beautiful bush land just 1.3km from the Pennant Hills Railway Station.

If you fly into Sydney Domestic Airport, trains operate regularly from the airport to Pennant Hills with one change at Central Station. It takes approximately 1 hour and 6 minutes. More information here: http://www.airportlink.com.au/directions/pennant-hills/ You will need an Opal Card and the fares at the moment are:

Adult Child/Youth Senior/Pensioner* Concession*
Single (peak) $19.86 $15.23 $14.50 $15.23
Single (off-peak) $17.92 $14.26 $14.26 $14.26

We will be able to pick you up from the train station.

Or you may prefer to hire a car from the Airport. This website may help you http://www.sydneyairport.com.au/go/rental-car.aspx It takes around 40 minutes to drive from the Airport to the Centre.

There are also plenty of Shuttle Bus services from around $60+. See http://www.asnw.com.au/ I'll provide more options here closer to the date.

The Centre is easily accessible by vehicle from Pennant Hills Road or the Comenarra Parkway via Pomona Street.

Off street parking is provided for both cars and buses

TEL: (02) 9484 2278
FAX: (02) 9980 6709



The Centre provides bunk style accommodation in various sized rooms located throughout the centre. All have adjoining shower and toilet facilities. Most are quite close to a kitchen and common room for the preparation of self-catered meals.

There are two levels of accommodation:

  • Standard – We provide a pillow, pillow slip and bottom sheet. You then bring your own linen or sleeping bag
  • Serviced – All linen supplied.


Being on the Great North Walk the centre has a number of camping flats available for those that wish to bring their own tent and camp out.

These camping areas have picnic tables and chairs as well as fire places and can accommodate 50 people. Access to bathrooms and showers are provided. Use of a kitchen to self cater is available for an additional charge.

If you have requests regarding accommodation (eg there is someone you would like to share a cabin with) or special needs, please indicate this on your accommodation booking form.


Pax Hill Building

One of the original buildings on site, this conference area has charm and character. A main conference room with tea and coffee facilities and conference equipment as listed above. Suitable for up to 50 people with a smaller breakout room for up to 15 people available. The conference room has air conditioning as well as a great open fireplace and a large veranda.


The site has a large stone amphitheatre with campfire at the bottom. It can easily seat 200 people and is the ideal campfire and Eisteddfod location.

The Centre Kitchens

We can arrange catering as required from silver service to a bush BBQ

The complex provides kitchen facilities for self-catering, which are conveniently located close to accommodation. Each kitchen is equipped with refrigerator, stove, urn, sink, crockery, cutlery, glassware and cooking utensils.

Central Outdoor Area - ‘The Parade Ground’

This grassed area provides a place to meet, hold activities or eat outside.

Pax Hill VerandahThe Pax Hill HallThe AmphitheatreThe Main KitchenThe Dining HallThe Parade Ground


Accommodation Details Price Incl. GST
Basic Rate Bottom Sheet and pillow provided only. Guests to supply own sleeping bag, linen and blankets (per 24 hr period or part thereof) $34.00
Self Catering Rate as above but includes use of kitchen as well as hire of all crockery, utensils, equipment & cutlery $40.00
Linen hire Top sheet, doona, blanket and towel provided $12.00
Camping - basic Own tent required. Access to bathroom only $11.50
Camping - self catering As above, but includes access to kitchen $16.50
Extra Day Visitors Guests utlising facilities day only $11.50
Catering Details Price Incl. GST
Adults (Min 30 people) Continental Breakfast $13.00
Hot Breakfast $17.00
Morning Tea * $8.50 *
Lunch $15.50
Afternoon Tea * $8.50 *
Dinner $16.50

* Note: Rather than offer the venues morning and afternoon teas at $8.50 each we have decided that we will provide Teas, Coffee and light refreshments for $5.00  a day and make them available most of the day. There will be no defined Morning or Afternoon Tea times and people will be able to help themselves any time between the daily events.


Catering at the Centre is provided by the in house Chefs 'Catering in the Bush'. Their catering is simply outstanding! The delicious and innovative meals produced by our two excellent Chefs are constantly receiving accolades - the quality is first class.

Meals can be arranged to suit most occasions and requirements. Special diets and needs can be served by prior arrangement. All meals and teas can be provided. Meals can be buffet or formal depending on the client requirements.

Sample Group Meals
  1. Turkish bread sandwiches, French bread melts, Fresh fruit platter, Tea & coffee
  2. Sundried tomato, bacon and chicken frittata, Orange fennel & parsley salad
  3. Roast Potato Salad, Green salad, Roast beef, Polenta, Crusty breads, Cheese & fruit platter
  4. Risotto with mushrooms, spinach & roasted red capsicum, Greens, Crusty breads, Fruit & cheese platter
Morning/Afternoon Teas
  1. Scones with jam & cream, Tea & coffee, Fresh fruit
  2. Muffins, Tea & coffee, Fresh fruit
  3. Friands, Tea & coffee, Fresh fruit
Sample Desserts
  1. Pavlova
  2. Chocolate Mousse
  3. Bavarian
  4. Apple Pies
  5. Soft meringue & berry roll
  6. Ginger Bavoris with mango and star anise
  7. Marinated strawberries and rhubarb & cream

We do need a minimum of 30 people for catering. If there are less than 30 people we will work through other options.

Self catering is available. There is a huge cold room to store your stuff and a professional kitchen.

Early Arrival

If you wish, you can choose to optimise your stay in by planning to arrive on Thursday. We have reserved cabins for that night as well. Thursday night will be extra per person, and no catering will be available but there are shops, cafes and pubs not too far away.


The Baden Powell Centre backs onto the Lane Cove National Park and is along the Great North Walk. So there will be plenty of places to go for a bush walk and explore.

For more information check out this website https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/things-to-do/Walking-tracks/Great-North-walk-Lane-Cove-National-Park

What To Bring

  • Pack clothing for both warm and cold weather (eg a jacket, jumper, pair of long pants)
  • Ritual gear / musical instruments / creative bits and pieces
  • A raincoat / umbrella (just in case!)
  • Thongs, walking shoes
  • Personal hygiene (ie toiletries)
  • Phone chargers
  • Sleeping bag/sheets/blanket/towel * (if you don't want to hire linen)
  • Insect repellent/Sunblock
  • The Eisteddfod is a masquerade, so bring along a mask if you have one. There will be materials to make one there so bring along some craft materials to contribute if you have any. *
  • Candle lantern (for the Imbolc Ceremony) *

* optional


Please select and pay a deposit of $50 to confirm your booking. You are of course very welcome to pay the full amount when you book if this would suit you better!

Please pay the full amount by the 10th July 2017

The Fine Print

1. Food requirements and food preferences

The Baden-Powell Scout Centre recognises that camp guests may suffer from conditions (both diagnosed and undiagnosed) such as anaphylaxis, coeliac disease, gluten or lactose intolerances, etc which can place their health or wellbeing at risk if exposed to the relevant allergen / foodstuff. We also recognise that a guest\'s diet may be influenced by other factors such as faith or ethical beliefs. We acknowledge that not adhering strictly to such food requirements can, in certain circumstances, be life threatening. We support participation in healthy camp experiences for people from all backgrounds through the provision of suitable menus and program design, provided that we receive complete and timely (no less than ten working days) information prior to the guest\'s arrival. (We) reserve the right to refuse service to those guests with previously diagnosed conditions that do not provide us with adequate information to ensure that we can be suitably prepared. Participants that have a food (or insect) allergy and/or their carers including teachers, should also draw this to the attention of camp staff in person immediately upon arrival - even if a registration form detailing their allergy has been submitted - and not assume that protocols to reduce risk of allergic reactions are in place. We further recognise also that some guests may have food preferences, exposure to which may not necessarily result in damage to that person\\\'s health or wellbeing if not met. In these instances, our catering staff will do whatever is reasonably practical to meet each guest\\\'s identified food preference; however, there will be times when some cannot be met.

2. Food allergy statement

The Baden-Powell Scout Centre cannot guarantee that our venue is 100% nut free. We try to minimise nuts in the foods we provide, however, we cannot guarantee that all of our food will always be nut free. Our menu is free of obvious peanuts, tree nuts or nut derivative products, but this does not include foods labelled as \'may contain traces of nuts\' for example. We strongly discourage groups, staff and students from bringing nuts and foods containing peanuts and tree nuts to camp. We work with guests or their parents / guardians to ensure that the menu is suitable. This might include bringing suitably packaged and labelled food from home which will be stored and served appropriately. If you or your child have a severe food allergy please contact our catering staff, no later than 10 working days prior to arrival at camp. Participants that have a food (or insect) allergy and/or their carers including teachers, should also draw this to the attention of camp staff in person immediately upon arrival - even if a registration form detailing their allergy has been submitted - and not assume that protocols to reduce risk of allergic reactions are in place.

  • Report any danger, issues or emergency to Centre Staff on 9484 2278 (24hrs 7 days a week)
  • Please try to park in the onsite car parks.
  • Quiet times are from 9.00p.m. until 6.00 a.m weekdays and 11.00p.m until 7.00a.m weekends. During these times no noise is to be heard by other residents or guests within or outside of the Centre. Use of Public Address Systems & Music Amplification other than in Lyon Barton Hall is not allowed. Use of PA systems other than that supplied by the Centre requires prior approval.
  • Smoking is not allowed onsite except at the designated smoking shelter near the House of Friendship. All cigarette butts should be extinguished and placed in the Smokers Bins
  • Paths and steps are uneven. Care should be taken when using paths. Appropriate foot wear should be worn. Care should be taken during periods of high winds remain indoors.
  • Guests should use paths. Garden areas are off limits. No flowers, shrubs or trees to be picked.
  • Participants in stone throwing, pillow fights, water fights and shaving cream fights, in fact any destructive behaviour will be asked to leave immediately.
  • NO wood cutting implements including axes and tomahawks to be brought to the Centre
  • Consumption of alcohol at the Centre is subject to approval from the Centre Manager. It is expected consumption will be moderate, appropriate to the occasion and only by adults, (i.e. over 18 years of age)
  • Fire bans must be observed
  • Fires may only be lit in authorised fireplaces or campfire circles. Duty Staff to be advised in advance when any outdoor fire is to be lit.
  • Fire reels, extinguishers, smoke detectors and any emergency equipment are only to be used in an emergency situation if deemed safe to do so. Misuse will result in a fine.
  • Garbage and litter should be collected in garbage bags and placed in the Otto Bins at the rear of the kitchens. Re cycling should be practiced. Compost bins are also located at the back.
  • No food or drink to be consumed in the bunkrooms (other than water bottles).
  • Any furniture or equipment moved by the Hirer must be re-turned prior to vacating
  • Each bed should have a bed sheet on the mattress and a pillow with a cover. Missing items will be charged for.
  • In an emergency a siren will sound. If the siren has been sound Guests need to move to the emergency evacuation area which is out the front gate on the neighbours lawn.
  • Instructions from the Centre Staff must be obeyed.
  • The Centre should be left with absolutely NO SIGN of your visit.
  • Guests to supply their own First Aid kits as Leader in Charge responsible for Groups first aid
  • There is a defibrillator located onsite.
  • No illegal drugs to be brought onsite
  • No pets to be brought to the Centre

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