Druidry Today

Druidry today is like clear cold mountain stream water splashing on my face; it is fresh, invigorating and cleansing, and it wakes me up. It is an ancient belief; yet new. You can move at your own pace, not what some one else thinks should be the path or time to take it. Druidry is alive and growing, relevant to today’s people, culture, and modern times.

Druidry wakes you up to possibilities and; impossibilities, it opens your eyes to non judgementalism and responsibility and holds to a tradition, but is not dogmatic, for it is flexible and personal to the needs and moors of the person and environment in which they live.

Druidry is a spirituality; open to the past, present and future. Ritual is central to our core, and it binds us together with a common thread. Eight times a year to celebrate the seasons and mid seasons, bringing us closer together and closer to the flow of nature and time, with other celebrations as each see fit. These celebrations of life cement in us core values and beliefs in the way of things, and also respect for the land

For me, Druidry is Pantheistic, meaning that I believe in the duality of God and Goddess, within and without. Carl Jung talks about the Anima and the Animus within, the balance or unbalance of Male and Female in each of us. We respect nature, each other and the environment (without being fundamentalist, but we do hug trees) and this is one of the great tenets of Druidry, leading ultimately to a respect of ourselves and our gifts, those being creativity, art in all its forms, music etc, living by example and listening.

As well as a spirituality, Druidry is a way of life, a thought pattern, and the air we breathe. It is in the past, present and future all at once, surrounded by the elemental and spirit, and part of the very fabric of the cosmos; and yet with all this intellectual philosophising, one word can sum it up, in its truest and purest form, and that word is ‘Love’. Love of the planet,, love of others, love of nature, and ultimately love of self, for without this how can one love another.

As always with Druidry, it is a question of finding what works for you. We follow a path that honours each individual, their uniqueness and their needs. And as such we live in the world, and are of the world. Here is where we live, but we cross over in meditation, dance and song, finding answers and meaning to bring back with us, making this world hopefully a better place, and us better people.

So come in and explore, ask questions. The old adage ‘Seek and you will find’ is true. I did and my journey continues, being present, learning from the past and looking forward to the future.

Blessings to all
Derek Hooper /|\  (Sunshine Coast QLD)